Monday, March 11, 2013

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: The Fracking Industry's War On The New York Times -- And The Truth

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: The Fracking Industry's War On The New York Times -- And The Truth: My caveat was that the natural gas industry and government regulators needed to act responsibly to protect the environment, safeguard communities from irresponsible practices and to candidly inform the public about the true risks and benefits of shale extraction gas.

The opposite has happened.

The industry's worst actors have successfully battled reasonable regulation, stifled public disclosure while bending compliant government regulators to engineer exceptions to existing environmental rules. Captive agencies and political leaders have obligingly reduced already meager enforcement resources and helped propagate the industry's deceptive economic projections. As a result, public skepticism toward the industry and its government regulators is at a record high. With an army of over 40,000 highly motivated anti-fracking activists in New York alone, popular mistrust of the industry is presenting a daunting impediment to its expansion.

Iv agents of V oil companies act secretively and deceptively on commission, B farmers are often hurt by pollution though they might benefit from royalties. It can become a Roy negative sum game where both Oy and R are being hurt by pollution and declining profits. The Bi community protests to protect the B farmers which moves the I-O police towards regulating it in a more neutral way restoring color balance.

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